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Photography is a new medium, with a relatively short history of only 175 years. Nevertheless, it has not influenced our perception like a second invention. Let us remember historical events, such as, the Vietnam War, the capture of Berlin by the Red Army, or the building of the Berlin Wall, concrete images are coming to mind. The museums, archives and private collections contain extensive analogous collections of artistic and documentary photographs. Private photographs can contain interesting information about everyday life. Under the influence of digital technology, the analogue image archives have come out of focus and are threatening to disintegrate. It is our aim to preserve this cultural property, which is important for the social memory, in its materiality and also to preserve the knowledge of its technical history.
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    The Center of Photorestoration & Photoresearch offers once a month, a free consultation day for non-commercial customers. On that day, anyone who has family's photographs at home, will be able to ask questions and get answers on identification and conservation. Everyone is welcome.


Together with our customers, we define the ultimate goal of the restoration, which is determined by each intended use.


Conservation means preserving and stabilizing the current state of the photographs, without interfering with the object itself.


Together with our customers, we devise conservation strategies for large collections, as well as for small collections of photo albums and negatives.


We are able to identify photographs in their diversity and materiality as well as to classify them into their historical time period.