Lutz Matschke

Member of the German Photographic Society

1959 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Berlin and Villa La Angostura, Patagonia.


Since 2017 Manager of the Center for Photorestoring & Photoresearch, Zentrum für Fotorestaurierung und Fotoforschung of Berlin.

Since 2017 Teaches photoconservation and photo restoration in Museology – HTW-Berlin University

Since 2016 Permanent phototeacher at Community College VHS Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin

2013-2015 Phototeacher at nude workshops. Escuela de Fotografía Motivarte, Buenos Aires

Since 2013 Jury at Kulturbeitrat Dezentrale Kulturarbeit, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin.

2008 Jury at Salón Nacional de Fotografía, Museo Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez, Santa Fe

Jury at Salón Federal de Fotografía, Consejo Federal de Inversiones C.F.I.

2005-2009 Permanent Phototeacher at Consejo Federal de Inversiones C.F.I. Argentine culture secretaryship

2004 – 2005 Phototeacher at workshops „Nudes in Nature“, Villa La Angostura, Patagonia

2004 Jury by artist´s election at the Salón Nacional de Fotografía, Buenos Aires

2001 Teaching Assistant at Brian Young´s course “The Fine Print in B&W”,
I.C.P. – New York

2001 Teaching Assistant at Robert Blake´s course “Nontraditional Camera”I.C.P. – New York

 2001 Teaching Assistant at Tricia Rosenkilde´s course “Non
Silver Printing”,
 I.C.P. – New York

1997-1998 Phototeacher at Buenos Aires University UBA – Image y sound

Since 1993 B/W Fine Art Printer – Owner of Laboratory Bianconero, Buenos Aires.

Since 1992 Phototeacher in creative & experimental photography and printing
handmade photo emulsions.

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2021 „Working with Archives and Photo Collections“ Virtual Art Walk with Claudia Sohrens – Penumbra
Foundation, New York

2019 „Digital color restoration of the photodocumentation Hintze – Expeditions to Sudan of the Humboldt
University of Berlin 1958-1968” 2. Working meeting of the Association of Restorers – Section Photography /
Film / Audiovisual Cultural Property – Sprengel Museum Hannover

2017 „Conservation and color restoration of the photodocumentation Hintze – Expeditions to Sudan of the
Humboldt University of Berlin (1958-1968 )“ – Faculty of Philosophy and Literature – University of Buenos
Aires UBA – Diplomstudiengang Research and conservation of documentary photography

2017 „Restoration and research in photography“ Documentation Center of German-speaking immigration to
Argentina DIHA – National University of San Martin UNSAM, Argentina

2017 „Unmasked Agfacolor negatives of the photodocumentation Hintze – Expeditions to Sudan of the
Humboldt University of Berlin (1958-1968 )“ National University of San Martin UNSAM – Bachelor’s Degree
in Photography

2007 “Light Alchemists” – 3. Buenos Aires Photo – Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires

2006 “Technologic languages that changed the visual arts” 2. Buenos Aires Photo

2002 “Contemporary photography today” Santa Fe Photogallery, Argentina. Festival of Light .02

1998 “Watching & Seeing – Author´s photography”. National Gallery of Buenos Aires MNBA

1997 “Buenos Aires does not sleep” – 220 hours of Culture. Portrait-workshops,

1996 “The Nude” Conference at VIII Buenos Aires Photography Festival ´96. Patricios Bank Foundation

1993 “The fine art B/W print” Masterclass at the V. Photography Festival ´93. Buenos Aires

Artistic career


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