Our Concern

Large analog stocks of artistic and documentary photographs are stored in museums, archives and private collections. Private photographic legacies may contain interesting everyday life information. Under the influence of digital technology, the analog image archives became out of focus, and set it at risk of decomposition. Our aim is to preserve the powers of recall of this significant social cultural memory in its materiality, as well as to keep alive the knowledge of its technical history.
After professional restorations of photographic collections, digital captures play a very important role in multimedia times, so that images and their cultural heritage can be seen and admired worldwide.


Together with our customers, we develop the goal of the restoration, which is determined by each intended use.


Conservation means preserving and stabilizing the current state of the photographs and not interfere in the object itself.

Digitization of photographic collections

We digitise photo collections under museological norms in their vintage colour palette, both in high resolution for their conservation and for multimedia viewing.

To advise

Together with our customers, we develop conservation concepts for large collections or for your small collections of photo albums and negatives.


Due to our historical knowledge we are qualified to identify photographs in their diversity and materiality as well as classify them into a historical period.